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A Home Atmosphere


The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services recognizes nursing homes for successfully implementing culture change through the

Promoting Excellent Alternatives in Kansas Nursing Homes, commonly known as PEAK. 

PEAK aims to speed up the rate of adoption of person-centered care practices in Kansas nursing homes. The program focuses on creating resident choice so that Country Care can truly become a home. 

Country Care has been on the fore front of resident centered care and reducing the institutional experience. Country Care has been dedicated to establishing person centered care since owner Tammy O'Donnell and her mother Martha Hegarty purchased the home in 1994. Tammy and her Mother's dream has been to make Country Care our residents home. We establish a home-like atmosphere by allowing residents to choose when they wake up and when they go to bed, when and what they eat, their bathing schedule, and how they spend their day. 

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