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Daily Activities



Arts & Crafts is one of the more classic activities available at Country Care, but also an undisputed favorite. Our community members and their visitors all love participating in this exciting activity everyday. 

The residents have made a variety of artwork such as center pieces for our dining room, jewelry, seasonal ornaments, and wreaths. Our residents also decorate their own wheel chairs and make confetti poppers.



Holidays are always a special time at Country Care.

Country Care residents always look forward to hiding Easter eggs for visiting children at our annual Easter egg hunt.

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner is served the Sunday before Thanksgiving, allowing residents to share their home with family and friends.


Every year on Christmas morning, Owner Tammy O'Donnell and her family, Santa, and our residents gather around the tree to pass out gifts and Christmas cheer.

Feel free to ask our activities coordinator Amber about what we are planning next.

Pet Therapy


As Country Care sits in a rural setting, it is only natural that we have a few furry and feathery friends around our facility.


The staff at Country Care firmly believes in the power of Pet Therapy. On site, our residents have a pet dog named Mack, a large aviary, and a fish tank full of glo-fish. We also see regular visits from the Leavenworth Human-Animal Bond pet therapy animals. 

Regular visiting animals include (but are not limited to) puppies, goats, potbelly pigs, miniature ponies, and baby chicks.

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